News: Strategic Partnership with Quality Machine & Repair

Partnership to Combine Expertise in Complex Precision Machining with Innovative Design Technologies to Support the 2-Piece Container Industry

RAM Precision Industries, a leading international tooling supplier for the food and beverage industry, and Quality Machine & Repair announced today that they have formed a strategic partnership for innovation in the 2-piece container industry. The partnership focuses on combining each company's areas of expertise and specialized resources to provide comprehensive purchasing options for its customers in the states and abroad.

"Our partnership with Quality Machine & Repair provides the perfect opportunity to combine our state-of-the-art machining expertise with Quality's milling, turning and grinding capabilities to reduce costs for the end user," said Rick Mount, CEO of RAM Precision Industries. "It is another milestone in our mission to expand into design and self-manufacturing for the 2-piece container market, both domestically and internationally."

David Wagner, President of RAM Innovative Technologies agrees. "It is an exciting opportunity to serve as a strategic innovation partner with Quality Machine & Repair. It is a perfect marriage of detailed machining practices with cutting edge 2-piece container technology. It is also a testimony to the mutual trust that both corporations have developed over years of working together in the container industry."

"Our partnership capitalizes on each company's ability to provide our customers with the most advanced precision technologies and innovative engineering designs on the market," said Charlie Smyers, CEO of Quality Machine & Repair. "Working together, we can offer a fully coordinated, state-of-the-art array of efficient and cost-effective products and services to our customers around the world."

About RAM Innovative Technologies
RAM Innovative Technologies is an original equipment manufacturer that utilizes advanced technologies and equipment to design and manufacture draw/redraw systems, cupping press systems, end and shell systems, die sets, and die rebuilds for the 2-piece container industry. It is known for providing a full range of products to the container industry including the Ultra-Dynamic, the world's fastest production cupping system.

About Quality Machine & Repair
Quality Machine & Repair is a leading international supplier to the beer, beverage, food, and sanitary container industries. It is a global leader in manufacturing precision conversion, shell, cupper, and draw/redraw die sets, and it boasts a high-tech manufacturing facility equipped with proprietary technology including more than 30 machining centers. Its milling, turning and grinding modules feature the most sophisticated, advanced multi-axis machining centers available anywhere in the world specializing in milling, turning, and grinding operations.

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Partnership to Combine Expertise in Complex Precision Machining with Innovative Design Technologies to Support the 2-Piece Container Industry

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Strategic Partnership with Quality Machine & Repair