Cupping Press Systems
Ultra-Dynamic Cupping System

It’s all about choices. If you didn’t have one before, you certainly do now. RAM’s new Ultra-Dynamic cupping system is the world’s fastest production cupping system.


  • Newest innovation in press design offers the end user a lower-cost, high-speed 350-spm press, while always maintaining the press integrity, efficiency and reliability
  • The highest cupping speeds and volume capability in the industry
  • Thoughtful, custom-designed systems engineered, manufactured and built in our facility, produce the highest quality product to exact customer specifications
  • Precision guiding components installed in the die set, as well as in each tooling station, provide consistent, quality cups with every stroke of the press
  • The tooling’s internal guiding features are designed to withstand heat build-up and prevent premature tool wear that can result from continuous high-speed operation
  • Cupping press and die design allow quick replacement of worn tooling without removing the die set from the press
  • Unique stock control features accommodate speeds up to 350-spm
  • Precision ancillary equipment specially designed for the high-speed Ultra-Dynamic Cupping System ensures superior performance, dependability, and durability

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The most innovative cupping system available, RAM’s Ultra-Dynamic cupping systems provide the world’s highest cupping speeds and volume capabilities.

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