Cupping Press Systems

RAM Cupping Systems
assure the utmost quality.

New Ultra-Dynamic Cupping Press Systems

RAM high-quality cupping systems assure you the utmost quality can production and high efficiencies during the entire can-making process.

Custom cupping system features include:

  • Cam-driven feed roll assembly for progressive and synchronized feeding of coil stock
  • Eccentric shaft, vertical double action, high-speed press built for high efficiency and high volume. Maximum reliability and dependability.
  • Centrally controlled lubrication system to monitor press operation and die guide pin components
  • Multi-station die set and tooling assembly to form conventional or reformed beer and beverage cups out of aluminum or steel for drawn and iron process
  • Special blank and draw-through die assembly with integrated dual lane cup discharge conveyor system and recessed scrap chopper for high-speed, high-volume production
  • Triple pneumatic cushion assembly for each cupping die station
  • Consistent product from one cup to the next without thickening or thinning of metal
  • Tooling designed for maximum life incorporating carbide wear parts. Minimal maintenance requirements reduce production downtime, product spoilage and increase productivity.
  • Adaptable for processing coiled aluminum or steel materials
  • Reduced scrap generation achieved through maximum use of metal widths, with controlled web and edge tolerances.
  • Special die loading assembly.
  • Computerized designed programmable logic control electronic and electrical line system. Incorporates press and die protection devices plus safety features.
  • Cup geometry designed to use the lightest possible metal gauge for container size.

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