End and Shell Systems

RAM End and Shell Systems
provide consistent product.

RAM's systems for the production of ends and shells have been proven in terms of both reliability and speed. Thermal control tooling provides consistent product geometry both at start-up and when tools reach operating temperature. Diameters are produced in ranges from 200 to 401.

The RAM Incline Press Design System serves your need for full or narrow-width sheet or coil, and contains a double action tooling design for shell light weighting programs.

Shells and ends produced from the Incline System are conveyed to rotary curlers.

Custom shell press features include:

  • Cam-driven coil feed roll assembly or progressive scrolled sheet feed table assembly for synchronized feeding of materials.
  • Eccentric shaft inclined double action press built for high efficiency and high volume. Maximum reliability and dependability.
  • Centrally controlled lubrication system monitors press operation and die guide pin components.
  • Multi-station die set and tooling assembly to fabricate fully formed basic ends in single forming operation. Capacity to accept full range of metal gauge tolerances.
  • Tooling designed for maximum life incorporating carbide wear parts. Minimal maintenance requirements reduce production downtime, product spoilage and increase productivity.
  • Tooling process technology engineered for steel and aluminum end light weighting, reduced scrap generation with minimum web tolerances and long-term operational life with less wear and maintenance.
  • Consistent product from one end to the next without thickening or thinning of metal.
  • High-speed dual disc rotary spin end curler machines achieve exact product specifications and consistent dimensional tolerances.
  • Vacuum or magnetic end handling system for high-speed controlled transfer of product through rotary curler machines.
  • Designed for maximum metal utilization for optimum metal economics utilizing either coil or scroll sheet materials.
  • Less floorspace required. Eliminates multi-stage conventional double-die operations.
  • Computerized designed programmable logic control electronic and electrical line system. Incorporates press and die protection devices plus safety features.

Contact RAM for more information about our end and shell systems. Call (330) 904-8039 or email ramgroup@raminnovative.com.