Die Sets

RAM Die Sets
are flexible and adaptable.

We incorporate the
latest technology in
our die sets.

RAM die sets increase profits while reducing costs.

RAM produces cupping die sets that make high-quality cups that cost less; shell press die sets that make high-quality food, beer, and beverage ends that cost less; and, specialty dies for metal forming products that reduce unit costs while turning out a high-quality product. RAM's new revolutionary Trac-06 turns out high-quality cups utilizing a single-action cupping press.

Our die sets increase profits while reducing manpower, production time, and multiple-stage operation – all without reducing quality. Each die set is tailor-made and precision-made to maximize efficiencies and minimize costs.

The secret begins with RAM's unique die sets and tooling with extremely close tolerances. Our die sets are designed for maximum life and minimum maintenance. All RAM die sets also feature easy access to dies and tooling to minimize spoilage and maximize metal utilization for optimum metal economics. RAM die sets can also be designed to change size, product, and volume for maximum flexibility.

Die sets are designed to easily change height and diameter as well as low- and high-volume output. Every die set is designed with flexibility and adaptability in mind, incorporating the latest technology and the most innovative ideas from concept to execution.