Cupping Die Sets

The RAM double-action cupping die set bolts to the customer's specified double-action press. The cupping die set tooling is contained into the three double-action die plates. The lower die holder bolts to the bed of the press, the outer punch holder bolts to the outer slide of the press, and the inner punch holder bolts to the inner slide of the press. All of the tools necessary for the blanking, pressure application, and drawing of the metal are contained in the three die plates.

The thickness and type of metal to be formed dictate the cupping die tooling geometry. RAM cupping die sets are designed to accept sheet or coil material, steel, or aluminum.

The material is indexed into the press. The press outer slide motion leads the inner slide motion by 60 degrees. The outer slide tools, in conjunction with the lower die holder tools, blank and apply pressure to the metal and draw the cup during the downward motion of the outer slide.

Cups that are formed from each stroke of the press exit through the bottom of the die holder with the assistance of electrically timed blow-off air in the die. Cups are deposited onto air conveyors and conveyed away from the die set.

15-0ut cuping die sets

RAM's new 15-out Ultra-Dynamic High Speed Cupping Die Sets offer non-round tooling for maximum metal economics.

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cuping die sets cuping die sets

RAM Cupping Die Sets
bolt to your double-action press.

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