RAM 2-Press
Draw/Redraw Line

New products, new materials, new processes, light weighting programs and coatings are all areas where RAM product development excels. RAM has, and will continue to, work closely with our customers in the development of new products or processes for new or existing systems.

Each system is a commercially proven innovation currently producing cost-effective cans and ends throughout the world. RAM systems are known for their ability to convert to different sizes with relative ease. Most accept up to full-width coil or scrolled sheet, steel or aluminum, and produce with a minimum scrap skeleton. Progammable Logic Controls are an integral part of a system. Optional communication capabilities for networking machine production data are available that contribute to overall system efficiency.

Each machine is custom-designed to interface with the requirements of each individual customer.

Be assured that RAM's leading-edge technology is backed by comprehensive sales, engineering, training, installation, start-up service and spare parts support. In essence, a relationship with RAM is one that ensures success from the first contact through final start-up… and beyond.

Contact RAM Innovative Technologies today for more specific information on our systems and service. We stand ready to get your production moving.