Shell Die Sets

RAM Shell Dies for the production of ends and shells have been highly successful in terms of both reliability and speed. They feature thermal control tooling for consistent product geometry both at start-up and when tools reach operating temperature. Diameters produced range from 200 to 401.

Inline Shell Die Sets

Die sets that are designed for full or narrow width sheet or coil contain a double action tooling design for shell light weighting programs. Shells and ends produced from these dies are then conveyed to rotary curlers.

24-Out Multi-Station Shell Die

24-out multi-station shell die produces fully die-curled shells

Multi Station Die Set

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Multi-Station Shell Die Sets

  • Multi-station shell die sets produce consistent, quality ends without thickening or thinning of metal
  • The 24-out multi-station die set yields a high volume of fully die-curled shells, eliminating the need for outboard rotary curler machines
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