High-Volume 2 Press Draw/Redraw Systems

RAM 2-Press Draw-Redraw
Systems provide maximum strength
containers from reduced input gauge.

Our 2 Press High-Volume Draw-Redraw Systems are ideal for production of up to 1200 cans per minute, and are designed to provide maximum strength containers from reduced input gauge. Redraw tooling stations may be designed to incorporate additional tooling stations for sidewall reduction as well as separate profile stations.

These machines are capable of operating up to 100 strokes per minute and produce cans that range from 211 x 107 to 300 x 405. The redraw tooling is designed for ease of change when converting to other can sizes. And they are capable of producing both shallow and deep draw containers, tapered wall containers and reduced sidewall containers.

The 2-press draw-redraw system incorporates:

  • Sheet or coil handling equipment
  • Sheet or coil on-line waxer (if required)
  • Sheet or coil feeder
  • 100 - 150 ton double action cupping press. Cupping systems speeds relative to can size cut edge.
    • Sheet-fed operations up to 200 strokes per minute
    • Coil fed operations up to 250 strokes per minute
  • Multiple station cupping die designed for quick removal if required when converting over to other can sizes. Number of stations tooled dependent on can size and material availability.
  • Cup conveying and accumulation prior to the redraw press
  • 150/200/or 300 ton double-action redraw press with stroke and bed requirements. Redraw press operating speeds up to 150 strokes per minute.
  • Multiple lane redraw die sets with each lane capable of being tooled for first redraw operation, second redraw operation, sidewall sizing operation, panel forming operation, and flange trimming operation. Number of tooling stations in each lane is dependent on product to be formed. Number of tooling lanes in the die set relative to output capacity required. Die tooling stations are designed for quick changeover when converting to other can sizes.
  • Complete electrical controls for monitoring and operating the system
  • Can beader (if required)
  • Can conveying to the tester
  • Tester

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