News: Quality Machine & Repair extends partnership with RAM Innovative Technologies.

Quality Machine & Repair extends strategic partnership with RAM Innovative Technologies.

Happy New Year to all our valued customers!

As you are aware, RAM Innovative Technologies, LLC and Quality Machine & Repair formed a project based partnership one year ago to better service your growing needs in the container industry.  This has allowed us to provide a greater volume of work with expedited lead times which has significantly benefitted many of you. As a result, we are ringing in the New Year with the following news:  Quality Machine has extended our agreement with the commitment that RAM Innovative Technology’s shop projects will receive lead-time priority over all other OEM activities that run concurrently with them.

We appreciate your patronage and are pleased to offer this additional level of support in this ever-demanding market.  We are happy to embrace this opportunity to build an even stronger working relationship with you, and we look forward to serving you in 2018 and in years to come!


Charlie Smyers
President Quality Machine & Repair

David Wagner
President RAM Innovative Technologies, LLC

About RAM Innovative Technologies
RAM Innovative Technologies is an original equipment manufacturer that utilizes advanced technologies and equipment to design and manufacture draw/redraw systems, cupping press systems, end and shell systems, die sets, and die rebuilds for the 2-piece container industry. It is known for providing a full range of products to the container industry including the Ultra-Dynamic, the world's fastest production cupping system.

About Quality Machine & Repair
Quality Machine & Repair is a leading international supplier to the beer, beverage, food, and sanitary container industries. It is a global leader in manufacturing precision conversion, shell, cupper, and draw/redraw die sets, and it boasts a high-tech manufacturing facility equipped with proprietary technology including more than 30 machining centers. Its milling, turning and grinding modules feature the most sophisticated, advanced multi-axis machining centers available anywhere in the world specializing in milling, turning, and grinding operations.

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Quality Machine & Repair extends strategic partnership with RAM Innovative Technologies

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